with teeth & flowers;

March 28th, 2003 · 46 comments

when i was 16, i walked through the coldest cold i’ve ever felt and sat in the middle of someplace, by myself. (in a short skirt and blonde blonde hair that was too touched, too brazen, for a girl like me.)

an ancient little man walked up to me, excited and chattering; “oh, it’s you! i’ve been waiting for you.” (here, i lit up; open. accepting this. the unusual.) he handed me a small paper bag.

this is for you.”

inside was a small, plastic angel. blue dress. gold wings.

at 16 it felt so momentous. this stranger. this ancient little man. with an angel for me. in a brown paper bag.

then he kissed my hand. and walked away.

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  • paperruse says:

    that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

  • _romantique says:

    ♥ an angel in a brown paper bag at sweet sixteen… so wonderfully enchanting.

    (as is the author)

  • I wish I could be blessed by the veil of a stranger like that.

  • ex_sia857 says:

    words. will only get you so far. (& you went so far)



    If I didn’t know better, I would be convinced that you meant this for me. (Which you didn’t… right?) :)

    In any event, it applies.

    As for the rest:


    • Ta says:

      thankyou. :)


      If I didn’t know better, I would be convinced that you meant this for me. (Which you didn’t… right?) :)

      I promise that it was not meant for you. Really. ;)

  • ravenwings says:

    at the risk of smothering you with cheese…

    who would have ever thought that the plastic angel could be real? each of your entries is like a flutter of wings, miss ta…refreshing & thought-provoking, no matter how brief…

  • myblueheaven says:

    You’re life is touched, little Ta, and you in turn touch lives.

  • like out of a movie..
    you’re a moviestarglamsweetthing.

    (& thankyou for adding my new journal, makes me feel all fluttery)

  • anachronic says:

    you seem always to be wrapped up in a reality spun of starlight and magic.
    it gives me great hope that such a place as wherever you are, can simultaneously exist in this world.

  • thatmouth says:

    this made me think of a patrick white story for some reason. i think it was the image of the old man.. only there isn’t an angel or anything like that in patrick’s story. a totally strange connection. it must be my headache. *l*

  • :) that made me smile

  • luminette says:

    “ta smells like angel” – memoire!

    c’est belle!

    a few weeks ago, i found (at the checkout in sainsbury’s) a shopping list, scrawled on the back of a ticket to that day’s football match. ‘cheese, tomatoes, butter, coffee’ (i picked it up and hid it in my pocket).

    or that one sunny day when a homeless man stopped tim & i in the street (tim with strawberry hair; i hidden away behind sunglasses). he told us we looked like kurt & courtney; said we were ‘special people’, touched us both on the arm. it was almost like a blessing. he gave us his last big issue for free. i wanted to rush to the bank and draw out all of my money for him (but he wouldn’t even take 50p).

    memories as precious to me as your most beautiful ones – the angel in the brown paper bag, and ta is a beautiful fig tree. and every secret you share that somehow embeds itself deep inside my consciousness. the fabric of dreams. i want to feed you jelly beans.

  • kaliqo says:


    (i find words are not static. they can only go so far, but sometimes how far they can go fluctuates with how high the sun rises.)

    and yesterday i was walking and met a man who wanted to show me his pictures from an anti-war demo last sunday. and he did, and i was amazed.

  • gokceyazin says:

    what a beautiful memory.

  • louder says:

    i felt i should tell you that your words absolutely blow my mind. you have a gift to show people things in a light they have never imagined they could see things in. you open up minds and paint them a beautiful shade of passion…i imagine G-d is very happy with the results of this one.

    not to mention, your cat is really adorable.

  • louder says:

    you know i found you through serpie, right?

  • Anonymous says:

    I missed nothing.
    I’ve always been here…still watching…still broken.
    Countenance for a missing gear clicking in the heart of the clock.
    Never a memory could trace it’s fingers around this wreath collecting dust.
    Never a blessing to bask in measures where the girl refused to touch.

    And every glade and blade in sand and straw as moonlight pressures trust.
    You know what I meant to say.
    I miss you.

  • afterglow says:

    i have missed you terribly.
    you make small imprints of luff on my heart.

    (ps. would you do me a favor? you’re on my list of people to write to and send a mixcd to, will you send me your addy?? kat@datura.net is my email) ;) *hugs*

  • Anonymous says:

    you are so beautiful it hurts. but i’m sure you know that already.


  • ilwarden says:

    wasn’t sure where else to write this, but;

    ta-ness is adorable with curly hair. 8)

    • Ta says:

      i was trying to get that 40’s look, but i think i ended up resembling shirley temple instead? ;)

      • ilwarden says:

        well, i don’t think it’s 40’s, and i definitely don’t think it’s Shirley Temple…

        i thought more along the lines of ancient greek divinity.

        (maybe Persephone…?)

        • Ta says:

          ancient greek divinity? you certainly know how to brighten a girl’s day.

          • ilwarden says:

            well, don’t get too excited — it would require you wearing a white toga, and i don’t think a toga would be very flattering on you (you’d get lost in all that material)…and white… well, i think we all know you prefer black much more. ;)

            have a wonderful day, divine one.

  • Ta,
    By some random act of divine providence, I stumbled across your journal, and I have to say, it’s unlike anything I have ever read. Reading your journal, and the things you say and the way you express yourself is like stepping out of the mundane and into a totally different rhythm. At anyrate, I don’t really use my journal for updates, however, I do enjoy the literature. Would you mind if I added you to my “friends” list? Again, you are one of the most unique individuals I have ever had the pleasure of ‘spying’ on.


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