mouth curling to the stars;

August 25th, 2002 · 2 comments

the beautiful Anita has made me all wide-eyed & smiling. with her permission;

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  • badsex says:

    *feels “♥ all over the place” indeed*

  • ilwarden says:

    it was about the little indentation above our lips and the angels who put it there by placing their fingers on our mouths before we’re born. (shhh). so we’ll forget (the things before we were born). and the boy who was born without that mark. and how he remembered everything.// this book has been haunting me. (sadlysadly, i cannot remember the title or the author. i’m somehow hoping that one of you might recognize it…?)

    I don’t know about a book, but in the movie; “The Prophecy”, Christopher Walken as the angel of Death; Gabriel, says that exact thing.

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