tomorrow has been cancelled / a world without mothers;

October 14th, 2005 · 0 comments

(I [ICH] the woman with the neck wound, I [ICH] the bird, I [ICH] the frozen storm)

die hamletmaschine, heiner müller, 1979 [english]

enormous room. ophelia. her heart is a clock.

i am ophelia. she who the river could not hold. the woman on the gallows. the woman with the slashed arteries. the woman with the overdose  /ON THE LIPS, SNOW/  the woman with the head in the gas-oven. yesterday, i stopped killing myself. i am alone with my breasts my thighs my lap. i rip apart the instruments of my imprisonment the Stool the Table the Bed. i destroy the battlefield that was my home. i tear the doors off their hinges to let the wind and the cry of the world inside. i smash the window. with my bleeding hands i tear the photographs of the men i loved and who used me on the Bed on the Table on the Chair on the Floor. i set fire to my prison. i throw my clothes into the fire. i dig the clock which was my heart out of my breast. i go onto the street, clothed in my blood.

in the loneliness of the airports
i exhale i am
privileged my revulsion
is a privilege-

deep sea. ophelia in a wheelchair. fish wreckage corpses and body-parts stream past.
while two men in doctor’s smocks wrap her from top to bottom in white bandages
here speaks electra. in the heart of darkness. under the sun of torture. to the metropolises of the world. in the names of the victims …

when she walks through your bedroom with butcher’s knives, you’ll know the truth.

Mood: WOMAN/VOICE ; (note-takey. a cutting-out of.)
Musique: thievery corporation; shadows of ourselves.

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