the spaces in between;

September 9th, 2005 · 7 comments

august 23, 2005 · jackson square, new orleans

august 23, 2005 · french quarter, new orleans


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  • pearlmeadow says:

    those are beautiful photographs!!!

  • fneh says:

    the two years or so that I lived in new orleans your images bring back some of the best images in my mind.

    thank you.

  • lilinchylde says:

    the images are beautiful. ♥ I really like whatever post processing effect you’re using as well.

    for the second time today i’ve seen, heard, read the theory of “land acquisition” and foul play. it’s disheartening and i’m curious to see how things unfold.

    Dallas is trying to take in 3M dollars in donations because the city will be “doing what the federal government has failed to/cannot do” and housing several thousand evacuees (clothing, food, furniture, initial rent). Many have been moved to places so far out of the realm of their prior existence. Utah?!

    • chaotique says:

      I work at an independant toystore, owned by my mother these last 12 years. Of the association of similar businesses that we belong to, several are in the evacuated-to areas, and are moving to do what the government and charity agencies seem too stretched-thin too. Warehousing donated goods, transporting them. I guess one lady’s store is literally next to the church who’s basement is filled with the now-homeless hurricane refugees. It’s good to see that people realize they can’t just put it on the government to take care of its citizens. I suppose whether or not it can or should is the question that will follow.

  • suffragette says:

    I’d have loved to see N.O. Of course, they will rebuild. I really hope this time more time, money and effort will be put into keeping the region safe.

  • chaotique says:

    what else is there to do?

    Whatever we can. I dream some days in my car of playing music. Doing a benefit show, you know… I know some guitarists, if I could get in touch with Tommy and his violin… the venue I used to sing jazz at on wednesday nights would likely let us arrange something for free or cheap. I’m just not sure if I could put it together in time for it to still carry the necessary immediacy. I’d want to close it with Bridge Over Troubled Water.

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