The other side of midnight / !happy hallowe’en!;

October 31st, 2008 · 12 comments

    . . . . . . . *NEW(ly);

    01; Faith and the Muse · The Birds of Rhiannon.mp3
    02; Alan Parsons Project · Sirius.mp3*
    03; Carfax Abbey · Cry Little Sister.mp3
    04; Sneaker Pimps · Small Town Witch.mp3
    05; Fiona Apple · Sally’s Song.mp3*
    06; Love Is Colder Than Death · Fiorina.m4a
    07; Apollo 404 · Don’t Fear the Reaper.mp3
    08; John Carpenter · Halloween (Main Theme).m4a
    09; Stag Party · Rachel (My Dear).mp3
    10; Bernstein · Nightmare On Elm Street.mp3
    11; The Cruxshadows · Carnival.mp3
    12; Team Sleep · Tomb of Liegia.mp3
    13; Phillip Glass · Candyman (Theme).m4a
    14; Johnny Hollow · Gone.m4a
    15; I Monster · Who Is She.mp3*
    16; Kerli · Walking On Air.mp3*
    17; Jerry Goldsmith · Poltergeist (Theme).mp3
    18; SJP · Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus).mp3*
    19; The Skeleton Key · The Conjure.mp3*

Mood: forest ghost.

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{ 12 Responses to The other side of midnight / !happy hallowe’en!; }

  • bshakesit says:

    Happy Halloween!

    loving a couple of those songs! and that Sneaker Pimps is a great one.

    • Ta says:

      most of the real gems are hidden away in my older hallowe’en posts, but there are a few new ones this year that i needed to share(!).

      (although judging by the lack of response, i probably won’t be doing this next year. alas!)

      love all over you. i’m thrilled you enjoyed(!).


  • cordite says:

    this is why i have a playlist on my iPod named “ta is a minky moo” (it’s nestled between “shiny happy playlist of doom” and “zomg angry grr music”)

  • onthetide says:

    I’m not even joking when I say that this has been the highlight of my Halloween every time you’ve posted it. ♥!!

  • Oh, yes. Many, many thanks here, ta. Needed new music, and these are (ohyes) hitting the spot.

  • vayleen says:

    I feel silly for saying this, recalling our convo in my LJ last Hallow’s Eve, but I just found this post.

    Reason for being late: husband was home and I was good and distracted from all things but our own little world.

    I was not having a good night tonight. I miss him, I’m lonesome, I have to remember to exhale. Some sudden thought came, I missed you for some reason, and I wandered over here and found this. Even though I have most the songs, this playlist has cheered me immensely, so thank you so. ♥ ♥

    A dose of spooky music to soothe a sad heart.

    • Ta says:

      oh, honey. i need to thank you for this. you’ve no idea how this softened me.

      i know this lonely, achy place, &it kind of breaks my heart that you were there tonight. i wish that i could have done more, but in lieu of being there to hold your hands, i am so glad that the bits of music here cushioned your night, at least. you deserve these good things. ♥.

      wildly hoping you feel better today. love.

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