t is for ta, all curls and eyes;

June 7th, 2003 · 24 comments


(two days from now i will have discovered the innate meaning of fierce. i will become everything in a woman that is prowling and restless and permanent, &i will teach you, finally, how to cry, down among your half-written songs and uncertain shadows and your passion that was everything but the girl beside you, waiting with her small hands and mouth full of if onlys.)

days like this i become the girl that hovers out along the edge of me (and half, i suspect, in the center of you). a belly full of stars and the hope for everything, but mostly. mostly this hope just resembles the shape of my hair tangled in your hands. a less-afraid incarnation of me returning to the more gentle incarnation of you, with far more patience for the things in me that are dark and smoky and slightly crooked.

but all the things that a more reckless version of me might say to you become prayers that slip through quiet fingers when no one else is listening. and maybe it’s the way my hands seem to falter when you are still and silent, or how i imagine your face when it is serious. (maybe it is only that i would like to inhabit the space between your mouth and floor.) but i think it is as close to being the music as i will ever become.


why do all the rules i make about how to act around other people always fall by the wayside when i get around you?”

if you could get me alone. (what would you say?)
Mood: symphonic.


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