July 3rd, 2002 · 17 comments

and so we begin the bittersweet process of disentangling ourselves . . .

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  • *gets tangled up in ta, like a kitten in a ball of wool*




    Help, I’m stuck!

  • lx says:

    Bitterness (sans sweetness)

    Did you get everything in writing beforehand?

    But I kid.

    Everyone needs something soothing, daily.

    Here’s my contribution:

    Going Home.
    Bled Through. (This one is not at all finished, but it has some {somewhat darkened} hope.)

    Given Ghosts
    • ilwarden says:

      Re: Bitterness (sans sweetness)

      I’ve tried to refrain myself from commenting, but…i just can’t anymore.

      I -ADORE- your art!



      now i feel better.

      • Ta says:

        John occasionally offers me his version of digital lullabies. He’s the Maynard to my Tori.

        • ilwarden says:

          He’s amazing…truly.

          Then again, so are you. Like attracts like, it seems. ;)

        • lx says:


          Better than the Trent to your Tori right? ;) I’m just filtering through voices, haunting and scribbling {I seem to work best as an abstraction}. I’m glad to tell stories if they are helpful.

          One more and then I get back to work: since I noticed you like the Cure, I thought this might be something you would enjoy: Disintegrate.

          And now I will stop this indulgence of sharing expressions for a bit.

          Yeah, on my way Home
      • lx says:

        Thank you!

        I have been enjoying this place, this strange arrangement, patchwork of people, there are so many corners to fill with pretty things for interested parties.

        I appreciate your reply, feel free to comment whenever is applicable.

    • Ta says:

      Re: Bitterness (sans sweetness)

      Going Home >> it makes me ache, it’s gorgeous.
      Bled Through >> (she’s feline and wearing a half-smile)

      I’m grateful that you exist.

      • lx says:


        Very kind. I’m glad you like the pieces. I hope they give you some other spaces to be in.

        It should be noted that while Going Home is my own little creation, Bled Through was a collaborative effort with my now-housemate Michael (), who played the lovely dissonant guitars and most of the keyboards. Vocals, bass, choirvoices and digital trickery otherwise were mine.

        If your feline side wants something sharper-edgier, I just wrote Symmetry about a month ago. I’m glad the emotions represented there have faded for me, but it was a good release.

  • ilwarden says:

    be careful the razorwire, and thorns…
    but be even more careful of the pleasant memories, for they cut deeper than everything else.

    • project_97 says:

      Indeed…and those memories fade VERY slowly. Strange however…when they are gone, we desperately search for new pleasant memories to replace them knowing how dangerous they can be. Our downfall perhaps…but what a beautiful descent it is…

  • The first time I came across undreaming.net it ran from a single page with multiple links that opened others like a maze. You talked of baby blankets and sitting under showers pretending it was a jungle and how the silence of someone made you blurt things and ache. I kept looking for it but couldn’t find it. Is the magic only in my memory now to fade and blur but never find again? I desperately need to be where it took me. Tell me.

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