Christina Hendricks, my valentine;

January 14th, 2009 · 29 comments

mygod, i love this woman. wildly radiant, voluptuous, beautiful.

she is stark contrast to the iconic waif of fashion; a gorgeous&vivid streak of lush, womanly warmth in an ocean of unremarkable, muted tones.



a few days before christmas, i was taken to a high-end lingerie store in vancouver where i proceeded to finally, after years of curiosity&longing, receive a professional bra-fitting. the experience was a shy&unwavering hour-long smile and one gorgeous lift of self-esteem. the older woman waiting on me was all soft curves and powder musk, the perfect mother figure, and i stood there with her in an intimate little dressing room half-shivering in myriad bras and crossed arms while she softly explained how my bras should fit me. i learned that my years of wearing a 36C were uncomfortably misguided, and that i am in fact a 34E (the equivalent of 34DD. “you just have a very small back, and . . . a . . . very lot of boobs!“). my eyebrows shot up multiple times throughout the hour that i was there; i flushed and giggled and ultimately gave in to spending more money than i have ever considered on three very different bras (red, black strapless, and nude – my staples!), and i learned the gorgeous phrase kissing the breastbone.

something like 90% of women are wearing bras that are an incorrect size for them. girls, i whine&urge you to get thee to a good bra-fitting as soon as possible. &it will hurt, but spend a little extra on your bras; the difference is a world’s worth, &your boobs will thank you.

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  • autumnlady says:

    ummm, she has extra 10 pounds? where? Seriously. I am not so sure of the first dress through, that neck is a little strange :P

    bra fitting, I should really get that done at some point. There was no point back home since 2 bras of the same label weren’t the same size to start with but yeah :P

  • suffragette says:

    that seems to be the main problem. women are wearing too large a size with too small a cup.
    i’m terrified of getting one. i once wandered into a victoria’s secret and the sales girls had earpiece things, like the secret service, and the one who was helping me initially called someone near the fitting rooms with her little microphone…it all freaked me out and i just ran away.
    a fitting in a nicer place would be less intimidating, i’m sure.
    I love Christina Hendricks. I’d seen her a long time ago on Miss Match. She’s a beauty, just as she is! I just hope she doesn’t remain an anomaly.

    • Ta says:

      i’m thinking a fitting in a nicer place would not only be less intimidating but more accurate as well. i went to two different lingerie stores prior to finally going to diane’s (la senza and la vie en rose, both of which i am labeling the equivalent of victoria’s secret since i have been unable to find any victoria’s secrets here). the girls at both places managed to measure my being at 34 rather than 36 (neither of which i actually believed, it should be noted), but neither got my cup size just right. i was wandering around for another few days looking at 36D and even 38D. lots of returns by the end of that week!

      &yes, even the woman who helped me at diane’s mentioned that a lot of women come in there with too large a size bra and too small a cup. it’s funny how we all seem to make that mistake. :(

      • suffragette says:

        probably because we have visions of a size DD or E or F as being monstrously gargantuan! When they’re not, especially if you’re a small size.
        Enjoy your new proper-fitting bras!

  • luxcore says:

    that is such a cute story.

    i agree wholeheartedly; bras, and undergarments in general – it’s so worth the investment. everything looks so much better with the correct bra and underwear.

  • fragilemuse says:

    well, with a name like Ta it’s no surprise you have remarkable tatas! ;D
    (okay yes, that was lame)

    i also need to get a bra fitting & new bra as well. i’m a 34D (?) but that size doesn’t seem to exist so i wear a 34C and suffer with the overflow. it’s either that or get a 38D and have my boobs fly out the bottom every time i lift my arms. meep! i’m probably in the same situation as you and actually a 34E but just don’t know it yet.

    • Ta says:

      ha! love on your face. :D

      i went through a short couple of days where i thought i might be a 36D or 38D and was astonished at how difficult it was to find those sizes. why all the hating on D, lingerie makers?!? :(

  • rivermilk says:

    this is where small boobs are a blessing; I can successfully go sans bra pretty much any time I want.
    I make up for that, however, by purchasing ridiculous amounts of underwear in every colour/shape/style.

    • Ta says:

      i am always going sans bra as well (although i probably shouldn’t), much to the boy’s delight. ;) BUT there are certain times when i’m just not comfortable advertising my nipples everywhere.

      &i’ll definitely drink to ridiculous amounts of underwear! my lingerie collection is just obnoxious at this point.

  • drkscrtlv says:

    i heard you really have great boobs no less than half a dozen times


  • i can’t find a bra that fits so i don’t wear any.
    but more than likely? i’m also a 34E! i wear a 36C or a 34D but nothing fits just right.
    i should go in for a fitting as well. i’d like to have a nice place for my boobs to land.

    • Ta says:

      amy, MY BOOBS ARE SO MUCH HAPPIER. she even managed to get me out of constantly wearing push-ups (bras which i love, mind you, and will definitely purchase another now that i know my proper size, but she helped me to see that with the proper bra, it’s not so necessary).

      do it do it do it. :)

  • ameublement says:

    wow, she’s awesome.

    ahaha, i didn’t even realize i could fit into a bra until a couple of months ago when i tried on a couple at H&M in germany. 34A! wooooo

    • Ta says:

      you know what’s so weird is that i totally love tiny, thin little females. i lose my mind for the fiona apples of the world, and if i swung that way (or were male), i suspect that that body type would be like My Thing (not to say i wouldn’t appreciate the more zaftig ladies – there are some stupidly gorgeous bunnies out there, in all sizes – just that the tiny ones always catch my eye, like little butterflies).

      anyway, you rock the hell out of those 34As!

  • cordite says:

    I am so in need of getting my boobs some proper scaffolding, especially since I’ve lost a bit of weight (which seems to have made the back smaller and the bouncy bits bigger, wtf?) I know there’s something not right when I’m all hourglassy hotness naked (well, so says the boy) and a bit well… meh with clothes on.

    I promise, as soon as I get a job, I’m going to get a proper fitting and splash some cash.

    PS: Am I horrid for thinking that Ms. Hendricks looks like Tori before she fried her hair and got a face full of botox?

    PPS: Love you!

  • onthetide says:

    So. Much. YUM. She is so beautiful.

    If I wasn’t so terribly insecure about my… bosom? I would go for a fitting, but alas. :/

  • northsea says:

    oh, she is lovely. and good on her for acknowledging that unreasonable pressure to be thinner without giving in to it.

    and bras! i do so need a fitting. i wear 34A, because it’s the least uncomfortable, but i have no idea what my actual size is. :/ i don’t wear bras a whole lot (mainly because they are not that comfortable, and also because it is SO. HARD. to find a bra for my size that isn’t padded (ditto size 6/8 (US 2/4) matching bottoms that aren’t thongs. i like french knickers & boyshorts!). but i do worry about, um. the effects of gravity. and i love nice lingerie! WHAT TO DO.

  • ilwarden says:

    $115 x 4?? FOR BRAS??
    I mean, granted, i can totally accept how you -need- a properly fitted bra, especially when y’get up into the really well endowed stages. (I often have difficulty with pants & undies fitting just right…and the uncomfortability issues are…not fun.)
    But darlin’ — that’s $460 for only four small articles of clothing. JEBUS! 8/

    As to that chica above; just looks like some skinny girl with big boobs. (Or is that the point?) ;)

    • Ta says:

      $115 x 4?? FOR BRAS??

      x 3, in fact, but I KNOW. trust me, this wasn’t a purchase i made frivolously, it had to be practically wrung out of me by the boy who actually paid for it. but as he said, three really-good quality pieces of clothing are so much better than all the wasting of money on cheapies. &my boobs deserve it. ;)

      As to that chica above; just looks like some skinny girl with big boobs. (Or is that the point?) ;)

      our lovely christina is a more . . . lush figured lady. she rocks the curves, and she’s comfortable with her figure. precisely what i want to see more of from our “icons!”

  • jkingfish says:

    oh, dear, sweet ta… you know i love you more than cats, but i have to tell you… NO ONE is getting in the way of me and my Joanie. it’s kismet, i tell you. we come to each other in dreams. there is a dimension, closely tied and in unison with our own, in which myself and my lovely christina live in bliss on white sands under the billowing silks that drape us as we lie in languid euphoria.

    i’m just sayin.

    also, i should tell you it does my heart good to know that your breasts are being …ahem… properly attended to and cared for.


  • bshakesit says:

    i’m a DD (though, if i got a proper fitting, i wonder now if i’d be even larger? egads!) and every time i go bra shopping i’ve always sworn that i’m going to start my own line…i find it IMPOSSIBLE to find sexy, colorful bras in anything larger than a D, not to mention the ridiculously wide straps they put on them all. They all seem to be either white, tan, or if you’re lucky, black. and very matronly looking. it’s like, what, women with more ample chests aren’t allowed to wear flashy underwear?

  • I don’t even own a bra. I’m jealous of the girls that need them. I’m just teensy.

  • marchinhare says:

    At a loss of words for this one…

    just…too much hawt




  • sevenseven says:

    I don’t know who she is but, I agree.

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