October 11th, 2004 · 10 comments

• little cone incense burners
• boys for pele. (boys. for pele.)
• buddhist chanting. & sushi.

i am all anxious fingers & nervous bird heart. always. always.


today i told my younger brother that we were going to trade him in for a little asian girl.

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  • lucidii says:

    mm, thank you for the chanting, it is really gorgeous.

    If you like lush (and I think you do), you must go to Indonesia. I stayed there for almost a month this summer; it was one of the most intense and vivid experiences of my life, not at all glamorous, but very… momentous… it kept reminding me to live.

    oh and thank you for adding me. It’s a real pleasure to be able to read you again; I’ve missed you. I hope you’re well.

  • lilinchylde says:



    i’d love to see Hungary, Bali, just far away in a secret garden.

  • wind_chimes says:

    steve mccurry :]
    oh, and INDIA :D that is definitely a country i’d want to visit.

  • tearoses says:

    i don’t know why this entry makes me sad. it makes me want to be there (a quiet voice, a steady hand). sometimes, all the time, i want to surround you with beautiful things.

    i have so much to tell you..

  • Boys For Pele was a moment in time that made me feel powerful. Ancient.

    If you ever experience the luxury of traveling to India, I just know that the next sunrise to follow your footsteps will be a little brighter, somehow. A little softer around the edges.


  • enn says:

    o,, That Train. i have fantasies about it,, a golden suitcase &That Train.


  • zephine says:

    bonsoir ma belle

    it’s so good to see you again.

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