December 8th, 2004 · 13 comments

• so. i have to tell you. my father has always been a flirtatious man. as a result of this, he & my mother divorced when i was just a baby ta.

my mother sometimes tells one of my favorite stories that took place shortly before this. in which my father had failed to return home one night. again. the next morning; my sweet, responsible, kind-hearted mother took one of the large butcher knives from their kitchen and went to the home of the woman that she knew my father was currently seeing. her name was gloria, and gloria’s father was standing on the front porch when my mother arrived. &when he saw the knife that my tiny mother held? he removed the cigarette from his mouth, stepped aside and quietly pointed upstairs. where my mother calmly informed this woman that she would be driving her around to all of my father’s favorite haunts until he was found.

gloria. of course. readily complied.
she usually follows this story with one of my grandmother’s. her favorite being one in which, while at a bar one night, my grandmother removed one of her high heels & went flying after some poor woman who had been unwisely flirting with my highly coveted grandfather. (were he still alive today, i think that he would tell me this story with a quiet laugh. a glint in his eye.)
these are the women that i come from.

• oh, these boys and their hands and i think that it is wildly appropriate that anyone would feel this way on my birthday.
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  • vghoul says:

    Do me a favor [I almost typed “find me a favor”{!?}] and don’t delete this particular entry, because I am adding it to my meh-moh-ries.


  • louder says:

    hm yes. but it’s strange how so often, women like this (i do include myself in this category) always wind up with men like that.

    i think it gives us something to do. ;)

  • subtexts says:

    this is how we learn the braided nature of strength, and how to be women.

  • barkdust says:

    it’s probably inappropriate that i find those stories hilarious, but i really do.

    perhaps because they’re such a contrast to my mom and father. he cheated and she said nothing for fear of being physically harmed. mind you, his death threats never amounted to anything, thankfully. and i now have a lovely stepfather who my mom would gladly beat the hell out of with a pair of nice heels.

  • automatism says:

    hmm, well, while i can’t say anything good can ever come from cheating or enraged spouses i can say that if you’ve had two coveted males in the family you must have one damn good attractive-gene floating around in that gene pool. ;)

    • Ta says:

      past boyfriends all have made saucy remarks about my mother & my beautiful aunts. :(

      (“wow, if she was such&such years younger-” &i’m all, “WELL, SHE’S NOT. SHUT IT.”)

      we age well. ;)

  • zephine says:

    that’s a fantastic heritage you have there ;)

  • there was something very touching and personal about this entry, Ta.

  • You should be proud that you have such fierce, determined strength running in your blood.

    I compare my mother (and all her fiery interiors) to the volcano goddess, Pele. When I informed her of this, she laughed and blushed, but I could see her canines glowing underneath her humble grin.

    My grandmother is similar in her ways; I remember being younger and listening to her dirty jokes and watching her wide, brazen mouth; even though I did not understand most of those words, I felt the power of them in her voice, the heat from her vowels. Now she is slowly, slowly developing Alzheimer’s and it breaks my heart because it seems like her body cannot keep up with her spirit. Like one day she will just collapse in on herself and her lifeforce will rush from her skin, eager to finally soar through the stars.


  • um_coeur says:

    Adding this to my memories. Oh dear, Oh darling.

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