Mexico (2009);

February 9th, 2009 · 42 comments

photos, pt. I ; II ; III.

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  • onthetide says:

    I’m looking at the rest as we speak,

    But that has to be the prettiest toilet paper I’ve ever seen.

  • cordite says:

    My hair does the exact same thing in humidity but as it’s longer it doesn’t require any booze for me to not notice things are stuck in it. Jack and Coke get bored sometimes and throw things (hay, food… anything else they can pick up) at me while I sleep =/

    Seeing someone else with their 2nd toe longer than the big one made me smile (all of the photos did but especially that and the minizard). I always thought it was just me :)

    • Ta says:

      i think it’s illegal in some place to be as wholly cute as you are and not be within arm’s reach. I KNOW I READ IT SOMEWHERE.

      “Seeing someone else with their 2nd toe longer than the big one made me smile-” &do you see how much we belong together?

      dolly, i received your gooorgeous card yesterday(!). you are incredible and i just heart you. the end. ♥♥♥.

      • cordite says:

        Yay! I knew that card belonged in your hands as soon as I saw it so I’m glad it arrived safe and well.

        Speaking of gorgeousness, I can’t stop looking at all the wonderful things you sent me. It’s not just the items themselves, although they all are beautiful, it’s knowing the care and love that went into picking them. The wait was so worth it & also? Mini postheart-it notes are the cutest thing in ever ♥

        • Ta says:

          i spent several quiet nights on my bedroom floor putting everything together just right for you (and a few late nights with wine while i added little love bits to your book!). of everyone i know, i feel you are not only of the few that deserve such things wholeheartedly but are also one of those scant few that i knew would just. “get it.”

          my little delly del. you never disappoint me. :)

          love you, cupcake. ♥.

  • briarspell says:

    So many gorgeous photographs!

  • rivermilk says:

    These photos made my heart carousel into my throat.
    I can’t even begin to explain.

    • Ta says:

      there was a small seahorse pendant that i stood for many moments wringing my hands over, wanting to gift you with it so badly, but i only came across it as we were leaving in the airport, displayed at one of the many expensive tourist traps there. and. by that point, we only had fifty pesos left.

      it was hard to walk away from, but. i took solace knowing you might, at least, like this little gem.


      • rivermilk says:

        I’m glad you did walk away from it, though; tourist-trap jewelry and trinkets are not worth it, darling.

        & yes, my smile was growing exponentially at every photo, so when I scrolled down to that beautiful photograph, my mouth was no longer attached to my face.

        And besides, I always have this as backup. ;)

  • oh ta, it’s so beautiful!! these colors and simplicity!! thank you so much for sharing love.
    and you dear, as always, are stunning.

  • pelicans! (!! they’re one of my favorite birds, ever)! the old building on the creek! the horse on the beach! the rugs hanging in foliage! oh ta, you deserved this retreat and so manymany more.

  • lekiare says:

    I’ve never been to Vallarta. Now I need to go. Those photos are gorgeous. And the toilet paper made me smile.

  • tristia says:


    tiny tiny lizard squee!

    & waves & waves & waves.

  • flourishing says:

    Oh, Ta.
    These make me ache (for sea & lush foliage & beautiful lands)

    Thank you for sharing these ♥

  • vayleen says:

    Vallarta looks so wonderful! Now I want to go back to Mexico.

    I’m glad you had such a beautiful time on your trip. Thank you for giving such a glimpse of it. ♥ (And for writing your name in the sand! :D)

  • how utterly beautiful.

    i have yet to see the ocean that color…or a palm tree for that matter!

  • drkscrtlv says:

    These look like fun… I hope you found it reinvigorating.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll make it to Mexico one of these years.

  • blacktrees says:

    ta, i just looked and looked and smile and happy-sighed. lots and lots of sighs. i feel warm and toasty and like i’ve had a vicarious trip through your trip, isn’t that silly?

    but anyway, looks like you had a magnificent amazing time. i’m so happy for you.

    also, you’re very beautiful. :)

  • I admit to sadness over not seeing the dolphin pictures…

  • suffragette says:

    You have adorable feet. And you remind me of the Little Mermaid in those pix.
    Thanks for sharing. It looked great – the sun! the sand! the drinks! the tiny lizard, omg want!

  • obsidienne says:

    Oh my, this made me long (LONG) to go somewhere tropical. It made my day feel longer. But warmer. :)

    I’m a bit disappointed about the lack of dolphin photos, too. ;)

  • dementes says:

    it looks amazing. you look beautiful with your hair up. humidity is evil, but the trip looks more than worth it. oh my goodness. i love all the bits and pieces!

  • Oh, the tiny leeezard!

    Looks like much beauty was found. And that’s a small blessing for you, at least. :)

  • I had this overwhelming dreamy feeling wash over me as I looked through your photos. They are gorgeous, as are you :) I’d love to go there someday but unfortunately growing up in a bilingual household did nothing for me. I can’t speak a word of Spanish!

  • northsea says:

    SWAN TOWEL!!!!!

    much more to be said elsewhere, but, while i wait for the pictures to load (my connection at home is mysteriously back, but also utterly weak), this: the wool-parcel will be with me either today or tomorrow; i will begin knitting the very moment it arrives; expect gloves part 1 SOON! i so hope it will still be cold enough for you to need them…! gloves part 2 will swiftly follow.

    (okay, that hair-up picture of you just loaded; oh my sweet thing, you are so pretty, like a cat!!! and WHOSE BIRD-COVERED SHIRT IS THAT RIGHT NEXT TO YOU? because, you know, i think it’s mine… :D)

    love. i hope that mexico was healing. even just for a moment, healing.

  • luciphina says:

    Lush and lovely and oh-I-want-to-go! Much aww-ing over the tiny lizard! And I, too, claim the tiniest twinge of sadness over the no dolphin photos. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, sweetness. ;)

  • rainstories says:

    will you be my valentine? <3

    – a boy far away

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