it comes like rain;

July 11th, 2002 · 11 comments

Last week I threw away photographs and stained my small hands with paint. Yesterday, I lay on the floor thinking about how I would give everything I own for just one pomegranate.

Last night, I dreamt of someone else’s mouth and

      I guess

is some kind of


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  • Would that mouth be an unknown one?

  • I have three pomegranates sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

    I’m willing to share.

    • Every saturday morning there is a farmers market down in the strip district. I’m starting to think I could get ambrosia there if I looked hard enough.

      Whenever I can find pomegrantes (because they do only show up occasionally) I buy a few. Jerome always tells me that I’m going to end up spending a hundred years in hades if I keep eating them like I do :D

  • rainstories says:

    (you have never met me)…..


    i wish i could smell your rain.


  • Anonymous says:

    You know, I’ve heard that the pomegranite has long been associated with a symbol of the unconscious. Check Salvador Dali’s “Dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranite the second before waking up.” This is something every ‘dreamer’ should know…

    • Anonymous says:

      From the inside of the pomegranite (the unconscious) springs forth the fish. The fish has long signified the dweller of the abyss, or, of course, water. An example: Jonas in the belly of the whale. The hero decends into the abyss only to be resurrected. These are the primordial waters where life comes into inception.
      From the mouth of the fish springs the tiger, and then, another tiger : life has become substantive and it presents a considerable threat. Then, the rifle pointed at the nude dreamer–a direct reference to the impending doom caused by sheer perception. But wait…’it gets better.’

  • ilwarden says:

    Such dreams are like liquid hope to me, that i can imbibe nightly at the risk only of waking and being saddened that they were dreams only.

    Yes, it’s progress.
    (to be proud of.)

  • rainstories says:

    Re: Believe it or not;

    do you have any more rain to spare?

    i really need some. cali is way to hot as of now.

    please please.

    i entreat thee.

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