in dreams (you’re mine, all of the time);

October 30th, 2006 ยท 3 comments

like women, fire changes. in one moment it can be warming; in another it can burn everything around you to the ground.
in the dream, i pull him from a height, pull him with me into this carnival top fall; we’re uncharacteristically forward here, secret. i sit in his lap in the dirt, in the dark, leaning forward. something about his mouth & mine. the turn of his head.

his hair is long in the dream, long again, in the dream.

when he nestles into the side of my neck, this long ghostly sigh like a small hot star in my belly. closing my eyes. face tilted to the sky.

in the dream, i am spun in emotional upset, distressed wounded and fury. behind me with his married hands he turns me towards him, a safe place, comforting. his solacing mouth when he offers it is sweet and cool. we find ourselves pressing into this space again and again; hungry; restrained.

we flirt with boundaries here.
in the day comes fresh blueberries from the farmgarden of a woman who has sent them to us frozen. they are, fat, round, sweet and impossibly juicy. birdlike mouth stained, fingers stained, deep dark lusty purple. writing letters one-handed. licking the juice running down my wrist.

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