September 12th, 2016 · 0 comments

and you girls of late with all your talk of hungry sex at 2am, kissing on countertops, building up my want; sitting on the edge of the bathtub in the thinnest camisole, legs crossed, eyelashes full & low with want. lying draped over pillows, sleep beneath my lids haze through my heart; a suppleness in this body, clandestine want; the heat in my belly, a soft, warm breath of wind blowing across my skin, sliding up my shirt. thoughts of lovers hungry & slightly drunk on the front porch. crimson lipstick, open mouthed smiles. distressed hair and smudged eyeshadow. small bare limbs. all heat and tangling.

let me tell you about wanting, the way it begins to rain, musky, humid: long wet tresses gathered around my throat, pushed up against the wall, mouth to mouth. every space, every wall, every corner. everything humid with rain, heated by bodies. wild hush. wild palms.

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    • i just need something that will be loving towards me again. i am so tired of all this longing. and hunger. 2 days ago
    • dreamt i was bleeding all over everything, and i guess in a way i really always am. my raw heart out and leaking. 5 days ago
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