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  • cordite says:

    They’ve started putting eyes on cotton balls these days?

    • Ta says:

      isn’t he ridiculous. you should see how he sleeps with me. (&our furniture; he has an eccentric tendency to push his head up against things while he’s sleeping? IT IS ADORABLE AND WEIRD.)

      • cordite says:

        He’s absolutely gorgeous! I think sleeping in strange places is a white&fluffy thing because our doggy can’t sleep unless she has her nose pressed to the skirting board and has her back to everyone else in the room. we put it down to her being an eccentric old lady.

        As far as bags go, I’ve always seen lovely things on Etsy and Dawanda, it’s European equivalent but I must admit to a small case of label whoring (only for accessories though) and so get a lot off Ebay. Seriously? I would sell Joost for a big tartan Vivienne Westwood bowling bag. I’ll take some snaps of my current bag (which is a bit too small for me) for you later though just ’cause I know how much I love having a look at other people’s bags!

        PS: Love you xo

        • Ta says:

          i’ve been scouring etsy a bit for about an hour or so, and i’ve managed to come across one or two potential maybes, but on the whole, so far, no luck! i plan on checking ebay at some point within the next few days as well, however. i go through this every few months and have yet to find That One Purse To Replace My Holy of Holies, but with fingers crossed &little bells on my toes! maybe!

          my current one is tote-sized, a shiny, sexy black pvc number that i purchased for less than $5 at a dinky five-and-dime and have used for YEARS. i am not kidding, well over ten years; that thing is a trooper. but alas, it is finally beginning to show wear&tear, and although i am crushed (mostly by my inability to find any other bag even remotely like it), i think i am ready to let go. le cry.

          cannot wait to see what you carry your treasures in. OH MY DEL, I LOVE YOU.

  • suffragette says:

    it’s a shag carpet! she’s so beautiful. or is it a he?
    modcloth.com has some nice things. i’ve never shopped there though. i just look at stuff. :)

  • onthetide says:


    I get my purses from Aldo usually. They have a site: http://www.aldoaccessories.com/

    Mine is black faux leather, quilted, with a thick pewter chain section for a handle. It’s faaabulous.

    I’ve had my eye on this one: http://www.aldoshoes.com/ca-eng/women/accessories/handbags/72463602-borgosesia :D

  • rivermilk says:

    I cannot offer advice on purses as I am a backpackin’ girl myself, but I just had to comment to say OMFG KITTY!

    Also, if you haven’t yet had the pleasure, I strongly recommend this webcomic. IT’S FUNNY ‘CAUSE IT’S TRUE.

    • Ta says:

      i have been casually perusing backpacks as well! i used to use them all the time in high school and while in mexico seriously lamented being without the hands-free convenience of one.

      introducing myself to said webcomic now! xx.

  • tristia says:

    i heart purses! i cannot wait to see what people post!

    maybe i’ll show you what i have upon my return home tonight. *squee*

  • blacktrees says:

    eeeeee kitttyyyyyyyyyyy
    *collapses into pile of goo*

    i’m a bag whore, but mostly make them myself or pine after handmade ones on etsy. :)

  • absolution says:

    re: Bags

    Everyone knows about ’em, but Queen Bee via BuyOlympia.com is grrrreat.

  • dollrock says:

    That’s a serious level of fluffiness right there. I want some.

  • obsidienne says:

    What a cutie! Nom nom nom.

    I love Kathy van Zeeland’s purses, they tend to be whimsical and fun. Her website is: http://www.kathyvanzeeland.com/

    I also go to Winners regularly to see what they have (you have to stalk them a bit); I’ve gotten several purses there. I know they have them in B.C. Somewhere.

  • northsea says:

    psst, little ghost. i still haven’t been paid for february; once i have been paid (within a week), i will be able to afford to post that first little glove parcel to you!
    & the second? i am costing it all up right now. it looks like the yarn cost is going to come to £17.38, which is currently CA$32.82. does that work for you? i don’t know if you can afford to tack extra on for time, so i am happy to knit the gloves for expenses. i’m not sure how much S+H will be, but will know as soon as i have posted the evangelines! xxxxx

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