&the soft, careful grace of these april days;

April 20th, 2009 · 0 comments

i wear my jeans low on my hips, with sweater coats & thick belts. i wear long satin pencil skirts and platform heels, skirts made of nepalese silk kissing my ankles and odd, fragile necklaces. i wear earrings the same color as my eyes; some days blue and most days an earthy green. i brush my teeth three times a day. i listen to the rain outside, fall asleep in the still-light evening fully dressed, with the fan on high, wrapped in blankets and wake the next morning before dawn to a full email inbox. begin my day with too much coffee, feel sleepy throughout & laugh loudly, often. drive 25 miles downtown to eat sushi and talk with my waiter about Middlesex and Tolkien. at the grocery store i ask the small-boned olive expert about his favorite life experience and he touches my arm while he talks about swimming with his wife and seeing the taj mahal. i drink a glass of wine before bed reading aloud to myself, the cadence in my voice softening, lilting with the alcohol, which makes me smile. sleep nine hours, think of recovery from and preparation for the weeks going & coming, one breath, one step, one motion of the heart into the next and into the next.

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