and all the moments between;

August 16th, 2003 · 24 comments

home again, with secret hands & an aching, brilliant heart. when i sleep tonight, it will be a sleep that is spread out, silent. a half of a thing, and lonely, like heat and light and their absence. my body, small and curled and bright, will echo you, &chant you, which is this, which is everything. everything. everything.


  • an elderly couple on the plane; the woman sleeping next to me with her head on her husband’s sweet shoulder. (the gentle way he called her “hon.” the way it almost made me cry.)
  • a little girl. an orange crayon.
  • the beautiful smiles of strangers. the strange ways i dance with them.
  • the man and woman fighting in front of me at the terminal. (&me. running to keep up with them. so that i could listen.)
  • the gentle boy from new york. “i love the colors of your hair.”
  • a sky that made my heart catch. (a sky that looked like my heart, inside out.)
  • missing you. &missing you. &missing you.

    (look at this; i have stars in my hair.)

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    • (look at this; I have the scent of joy in my palm.)
      *blows you a kiss*

      Welcome back, starshine.

    • subtexts says:

      I know this, so well. So well.

    • heaving says:

      ta, i miss you, and there is something about you that defines calm, makes my heart calm, that is calm. and beautiful!, let’s not forget that.

      basically, your writing is innocently sensual .. you are saying what i think and feel. i feel arrogant saying that.

      the thing is i want to make you into a faerie, because you already resemble one, & you just need wings (that can be seen!). & i want it to embody your beautiful libran spirit because people just lap you up!

      i need a proper picture of you ……

      ( )

    • *sighs* I’ve missed your essence. Something no one else has…you’re so very special dear Ta.


    • litonya says:

      Welcome back! I’ve missed you.

    • __captured says:

      you bring all the simple little things that really matter to the surface of existence, so that they can dance.

      (welcome back, honey!)

    • anachronic says:

      Secret hands, and secret feet — we want to know your travels, dearone. 8)
      New York, and airplanes, and a mystery-man who has filled you with sunsets, moon-rises and stars.
      You’re killing me with your selective distribution of information. ;)

      • Ta says:

        i’ve tons of email to catch up on, but perhaps i’ll write you? (i’m not exactly diligent with email! either way, there’s a filtered friends list with your name on it, so there you go. patience, my darling.)

      • Ta says:

        Oh! And no, not New York; just a boy I met during my travels who was from New York. He was very soft-spoken and just genuinely nice to me. Just genuine, period.

        It was nice.

    • nepasavaler says:

      welcome back :) we missed you ♥

      ps. what were they fighting about? ;)

      • Ta says:

        ha! leave it to you to bring up the the dirty brawling. ;)

        actually, from what i gathered, i believe the woman of said couple was supposed to meet the man of said couple at the departure gate in which this took place, but apparently, he was expecting to meet her somewhere else; or at least, not right before they boarded. i’m assuming he was thinking they’d miss the plane because she was nowhere to be found?

        the highlight of their exchange was his startlingly loud “where the hell were you?!?” (even i jumped) and this led into, “i bought you this food!” [he holds up a bag here], which cracked me up.

        anyway, i could tell she was nervous, and this made me curious as to how it would play out, so i (surreptitiously) ran to keep up with them once we began walking through the ramp-area-terminal-thing to the plane.i don’t know how it all concluded.

        i’m fascinated by that kind of unguarded behavior from people in public.


        (&oh, i missed you too!)

    • kaliqo says:

      everyone seems to be coming back and bringing an arsenal of stories… let loose.

    • a hello

      And, in other things…someone needs to email me and fill me in on all the goodness. ;)

      My mother use to use someone in place of me when I was in trouble or needed to do something, so…by someone I mean you. ;)

    • __electrique says:

      you have stars and poetry withing you…you are such a precious soul! I have missed you!

    • wingsofpaper says:

      i ♥ your icon!
      you look like an elf…

    • aria_oh says:

      ta, your words never leave me
      when i can look to the sky and refresh how spirited
      i ache so, reading them
      feeling them
      &you were missed
      but i’m glad you were dancing.

      p.s. yes, you are starmatter

    • _jilted says:

      hello there,
      you don’t know me, but i just thought you should know that your journal touches me in ways i can’t begin to describe. it’s a truly beautiful testament of an exceptionally beautiful person with a lovely and timeless soul. i’m so very glad you had a nice trip and thank you so much for sharing your stories of the things you encountered, they were like a brightly coloured flower in a gray and dreary world.
      all the best to you.

    • _jilted says:

      you’re most welcome.

      (and i should hope that you don’t mind, but i added you as a friend)

    • This will probably sound…odd, coming from the stranger that I am but I can’t let it remain unsaid any longer as I fear that I’ll burst into a thousand bits.
      Truly, your words are nothing short of dazzling, they’re just so effortlessly beautiful that I get a lump in my throat everytime I read them and the feeling doesn’t lessen when I read them once more. Honestly Miss Ta, I’d be more surprised if you didn’t have stars in your hair!
      Thank you for never failing to brighten my day <3

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