all you became;

June 13th, 2003 · 8 comments

  • hair dye and wine
  • a drawing of the sun, 1994
  • “ta is a beautiful fig tree”
  • boyshaped smile
  • and that tear in your hand . . .
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    • philanthropy says:

      I love the song Tear in Your Hand. You’re a Tori fan, then?

    • Anonymous says:

      The rooms behind your mind seem to be floating precariously over the edge of solitude. Spoken easy and dreamy with wisps of smoke trailing through the air, exposing infinite decimals that exist in their own spiral-like dimension, flying hither-and-yon throughout the universe. Collapsing and colliding, dividing, joy-riding with non-local communication, faster than the speed of light, superluminious, if you will.

      But the Magic of the Spaniard seems to entice those whose demons have collected in the upper-atmosphere…but, you should hang on, however, for there’s a little place in my heart for everyone. So, you always have something to live for. Because, even when the clouds are low, with dead and brown battle grounds…so, hang on, I’m comin’…yeah, hang on, ‘cuz there’s rock ‘n roll for all, and less life for those that can’t create.

      They live for their own gain…for their lives are empty…and mine is not!!

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